Vitamin shots and IV Therapies – Where’s the Science?

Adulting in today’s world is hard and there are few people who are not fatigued by all of life’s responsibilities.  Gone are the days where a raucous night out has one dreading the alarm.  Instead, it may be lacrosse, soccer, or baseball tournaments, dance recitals, the never-ending ping of new emails on one’s phone, household chores and other familial obligations.  Vitamin shots and IV therapies can help anyone who is overscheduled, short on sleep, or looking to boost their energy level to take their workouts to the next level.  While this may seem like another wellness fad, it is rooted in science and has been utilized for various conditions since the middle of the 20th century.

Dr. John Myers developed intravenous vitamin therapy in 1954 in Baltimore, Maryland using it to treat chronic conditions such as acute asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines, narcotic withdraw, fatigue, upper respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, and acute muscle spasms.    After his death, his patients sought out the treatment from his colleagues and eventually our military personnel utilized the IV therapies during times of war.  Today, you may have heard it referenced as the “banana bag” as more celebrities celebrate its ability to cure dehydration from intense sporting events, hangovers, reduce stress as well as remove toxins, balance hormones and improve skin quality.

The Myers Cocktail or banana bag contains a mix of saline, various B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C and calcium.  When undergoing an IV vitamin drip, you are receiving a higher concentration of vitamins directly into your bloodstream.  While vitamins can be consumed through pills, you will likely absorb only approximately 50% as it’s broken down in your stomach and digestive tract as opposed to 90% intravenously.  An added bonus is that the exact dose of vitamins can be altered depending on one’s individual needs and the saline solution can help replenish dehydration.

The next time you are feeling under the weather or fatigued by life’s responsibilities and want to give IV vitamin therapy or vitamin shots a try, talk to your doctor or find a reputable wellness center with doctors and nurses on staff to administer your cocktail such as Regenerative Health and Wellness in Voorhees (856-783-3100).  Be prepared to discuss your medical history and spend 20 minutes to an hour relaxing while the IV drip is administered.

  • Article by Kelly Reising

Dr. Mc Millan is a Board-Certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeon practicing in the Virtua Health System of south Jersey.  For more information please visit or follow us on twitter @sportsdrsean. 


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