Dr. Mc Millan believes strongly in providing his patients with customized surgical plans that combine the latest technologies with your desire to get back to life quickly and safely. For patients that may require a full or partial knee replacement, Dr. Mc Millan and his team have been trained on the use of robotic assistance to aid in surgery.

According to Dr. Mc Millan, while robotic assistance is not a necessity for a replacement, it can aid small but meaningful ways. "In our practice, one of the greatest advances we have seen in the past half decade is the ability to use robotic assistance in performing knee replacement surgery. Anecdotally, I have found less post-operative pain and swelling, as well as a quicker return to function in patients who have had the robotic Mako knee replacements. Not only does it allow me to be more precise with every aspect of the case, it also allows me to perform your surgery in a more predictable and efficient manner."

For more information on if a robotic assisted knee replacement is right for you, please consult with Dr. Mc Millan and his team.